Considering that the very purpose for creating videos is for consumption of a wider audience within enterprises, it becomes essential to use sharing methods that are user friendly. Enterprises prefer to provide multiple sharing formats for the comfort of their customers. 

Now, to address this fact, XpressIT has been designed to allow you to share in multiple formats such as link, link along with GIF or an embed code. 

Whatever your preferred choice of sharing the video is, we have an easy option for you. Following is a step by step tutorial for each of the sharing format.

To embed a video on a web page, follow the given steps,

  1. Click on ‘Open library’ link to open the repository of videos

  1. Select the video that you would like to share

  2. Click on 'Sharing' tab

  1. Copy the embed code. 

  1. It’s all yours. Paste it in your KB or CRM or your blogs. It would work seamlessly.

  2. You can also mark a section of the video by providing the start and end timestamp and share the snippet

To share the video as a link via an email or chat, follow the given steps

  1. When you are done with your recording, the ‘URL with GIF’ format will be ready for sharing. The confirmation message appears on the right top of your screen

  1. The other formats like ‘Copy only URL’ or ‘URL with GIF’ can be found in the application ‘status space’ as shown below.

  1. You can also click on the share option beside the marker, to mark and share the particular section.

  1. You also have another option to mark a section of the video by providing the start and end timestamp and sharing the video.