Wondering how to share videos within an enterprise on a global scale where employees are accustomed to different languages or even different dialects of the same language? Use XpressIT to generate captions for any or all of your videos. What more, your videos can now be searched and shortlisted based on the content in the captions. Once you have generated the captions, you can edit them too. This is a great feature to correct all the words that have been transcribed incorrectly and helps you add lot more credibility to the captions in your video

  1. Click on open library

  2. Choose the video

  3. Click on ‘Details’ tab

  1. Click on ‘Generate’ button and get the captions added to your video

  1. The video with captions can now be shared with the audience.

  1. If you have already generated the captions and would like to edit the details, then click on ‘edit’ button.

  1. Make the required text changes and click on ‘save’. Your video will now display the edited captions.